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มกราคม 2565

Last Updated : 14 ธ.ค. 60

Feasibility Study of Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) for Chao Praya River
and Area around Sichang Island and Detail Design for Chao Praya River
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10 July 1995
9 June 1998
2,980,000 Baht
Harbour Department

Project Description

Ports and water transportation played a significant role in export and import enhancing the economy. Therefore efficiency and safety of water transport were vital. To ensure these requirements Harbour Department plans to set up the Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) in Chao Praya River and area around Sichang Island. By law, every ship longer than 165 feet needs to have pilot on board. Then later activities performed by experience and voice communication. The modern systems used in developed countries comprised of vessel monitoring system, telecommunication, database, and computerized traffic management. It was expected that new system can promote safety and efficiency leaded to prosperity of the whole country. Thai VTS project under this study conforms to international standard specified by International Maritime Organization (IMO) and International Authority of Lighthouse Association (IALA).


  • Collected and study all information regarding with navigation in the study area included bar channel, navigation route, vessel characteristics, traffic management and organization, maneuver, navigation aids, meteorology, pilotage, qualification of pilot and ship master, legal constraints, traffic situation, etc;
  • Study statistics regarding with accidents and dangerous cargoes included loss of lifes and properties, environmental risk tendency, types and causes of accidents, types and quantity of dangerous cargoes, etc; Studying vessel traffic services included services need, frequency, navigation assistance, port assistant;
  • Analyzed current problems and proposed an appropriate solution for data services and traffic organization. The suggestions have to counter balance between efficiency and safety;
  • Proposed principal legal needed to adapt or improve according to traffic requirements;
  • Designed VTS according to user requirements, technical, and organization by specify the control area, carried topographic hydrology and geology survey, detail design of all infrastructure and facilities, detail design of vessel monitoring system, telecommunication, visual data and voice recording system, traffic management system, database, performance of desired system include track discrimination and accuracy, integrity availability and maintenance;
  • Proposed appropriate organization and staffing included personnel qualification and training. This suggestion included investment and operation cost;
  • Conducted environmental impact assessment according to Environmental Promotion and Conversation Act B.E. 2535;
  • Carried the economics and financial study in term of internal rate of return (IRR) and benefit cost ratio (B/C)
  • Prepared bidding documents according to Prime Minister Regulation B.E. 2535 included drawings, specifications, contract condition, bill of quantity, cost estimation


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