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มกราคม 2565

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Feasibility Study in Establishing a Maritime Development Fund
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16 June 1999
15 March 2000
9,500,000 Baht
The Office of Maritime Promotion Commission

Project Description

Thai maritime industry was quite small compared to its trade. Thai fleets supported only 10% of country intertrade (both export and import). Ship yard industry mostly focused in ship repairing and maintenance while upstream industries were absence. As maritime industry is one of capital intensive industry therefore maritime fund was determined as a tool to resolve the situation.


Golden Plan provided consultant services started from fact investigation, system analysis thorough the forming of maritime development fund. It came from a systematic approach of the following tasks.

  • Prepared a short description explained characteristics of all components in maritime industry;
  • Examined world trade, trend/direction, concerned organizations and attempts regarding free trade and discriminations;
  • Reviewed government policy and contents specified in national development plan, transport masterplan, maritime masterplan and projects interfered with maritime industry;
  • Examined funds established in various structures for several objectives, its combination and administration;
  • Exploring funding sources and its cost in world market and what available under Thai context;
  • Examined financial strength of each maritime sectors, shipping industry, shipyards, ports, container depots, freight forwarders;
  • Determined source/level of revenue and expense, profit ability of three maritime sectors, shipping shipyard and port;
  • Investigated amount of fund required for each maritime sectors due to debt equity structure, money devalue, revolving capital and desired expansion;
  • Explore systems implemented in foreign countries such Denmark, Germany, USA, Japan, South Korea, Philippines and Malaysia;
  • Explored international agreements involved with fair competition and allowable subsidy applied in maritime industry
  • Determined reasons the necessity to have maritime development fund, its significance and return to society;
  • Developed a framework used to establish a maritime development fund, organization, rule, working sequences and strategies.


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