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มกราคม 2565

Last Updated : 14 ธ.ค. 60

Feasible Technical Study to Expand Passenger Traffic along the
Great Bangkok canals
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20 June 2001
20 June 2002
7,750,000 Baht  **
Marine Department
**  GP was the leader. Our responsibility in this study project worth 5,037,500 Baht.

Project Description

Canals used to play a big role in the old Bangkok transport system bearing the name East Venice. However their role has been dramatically decreased after road development. Recent traffic problem occurred on road transport made Thai government reconsider the possibility to make use of these natural ways.


Golden Plan was the leader conducted the project in associated with Potential Engineering Consultant (PEC). Main responsibilities were the area of Transport Planner,Traffic Engineer, Hydraulic Engineer and Transport Economics while PEC concentrated in Engineering Detail Design and Environmental Impact Assessments.

Working scope under GP's responsibilities were

  • Project coordinator,
  • Examined historical development,
  • Investigated river traffic status include statistics and service quality,
  • Conducted river survey to identify its problems and readiness,
  • Investigated city master plan, transport master plan and concerned projects,
  • Determined advantage and cumbersome of river traffic,
  • Identified potential routes,
  • Forecasted passenger traffic from implementing year to end of National Economics and Social Development Plan no 12 (2016),
  • Prepared development plan cover routes, boat arrangement, piers and traffic management,
  • Determine project return both in view point of boat operators and social.


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