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มกราคม 2565

Last Updated : 14 ธ.ค. 60

Barge Demand Study Using for Water Transport
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3 September 1996
24 September 1998
2,920,000 Baht
Harbour Department

Project Description

Barge transport was mainly used to carry goods between ports and mid sea anchorage. Another function was between river port in rural area and urban area particular for construction material. Result of this study was a guideline for Thai government to set a policy concerned with barge promotion and registration.


Golden Plan was the sole consultant in this project. Our responsibilities started from data collection, analyzed the situation, forecasted transport demand, and finally provided recommendations using to set policy of barge promotion and registration. It was our responsibilities to conduct the following tasks:

  • Study its role, influence to water transport;
  • Study need of barge in water transportation included other alternative modes such as road and railway;
  • Study current size, number, shape included proper supply covered both sea and river;
  • Study demand supply of water transport included other modes covered origins destinations and ton-km carrying;
  • Study transportation network connected to barge transport;
  • Study barge fare charged to user both direct and indirect;
  • Study exist barge facilities such as port and mooring area to consider appropriate site not harm vessel traffic;
  • Study and proposed appropriate combination of barge convoys;
  • Study and proposed a guideline for Thai government used to manage barge registration supporting efficient water transport.


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